Woman grabbing Kinetic Rain installation at Changi Airport was art performance

Posted on 04 November 2013

She was performing an artistic expression of what “offline hacking” looks like.


A woman dressed in a white dress and pink panties was seen grabbing at parts of the “Kinetic Rain” installation at Changi Airport Terminal 1.

Images and videos of her caught in the act were circulating social media on Saturday and Sunday.

Her act of grabbing testicle-shaped droplets dangling from the ceiling, is believed to be part of an artistic performance, where she was portraying how hacking would look like if it was committed offline.

This is in response to the recent spate of hacking by The Messiah, who targeted Sun Ho’s website and The Straits Times blog.

An artist, You Wen Hua, who witnessed the whole performance live, interpreted it as being avant garde but poignant and current: “What the woman was doing was the physical expression of hacking.”

“Like online hacking, her ‘offline hacking’ involves appearing clandestinely and taking everybody by surprise.”

“By balancing precariously on the ledge, she is showing what the hacker must be feeling: Trying to balance being noble with being criminal, and risk falling off his pedestal if he is not careful.”

“Furthermore, by grabbing at so many testicle-looking droplets at one time, she is embodying what it truly means to ‘grab life by the balls’ and giving them a good twist.”

“And lastly, there is something very sensual about the whole performance, its fragility, her upskirt, what with the balls dropping and breaking and the tea-bagging.”





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