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S’poreans quietly cheer on S’pore Flyer as it carries out Nov. 5 revolution

Posted on 05 November 2013

The only revolution that is taking place today.


Singaporeans from all walks of life are quietly cheering on the Singapore Flyer on Nov. 5.

This after they have been impregnated with revolutionary zeal courtesy of the seeds from The Messiah, the hacker, who had promised a new world order today.

Zhuan Quan Quan, a local said: “The Messiah say today got revolution is referring to the Singapore Flyer, right?”

Quietly soldiering on in one tiny corner of the city island-state, the Singapore Flyer is leading the charge as it is well-known for its revolutionary ways.

Another Singaporean, See Baey Marn, said: “Can ask the hacker hack the computer system and speed the Singapore Flyer up a bit anot? Then maybe at least got a bit of wind.”





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