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S’poreans console Ngiam Tong Dow: ‘It’s ok, we know what you mean.’

Posted on 12 October 2013

They tell former top civil servant they still get where he is coming from even after backtracking.


Singaporeans have proven themselves to be an understanding bunch.

This after they heard that former top civil servant Ngiam Tong Dow has sent a clarification statement to the Singapore Medical Association (SMA) News to retract his earlier statements, but they are consoling him, telling him they know where he is coming from.

Ngiam had said last week in an interview with SMA that ministers today are afraid of speaking up in Cabinet because of their high salaries.

But he has since said this remark along with some others were “illogical” and “unfair”.

However, Singaporeans from all walks of life are consoling Ngiam, saying that he need not backtrack because they feel him.

Wo Min Bai, a local, said: “Ngaim Tong Dow can retract, but the people feel him. He speaks the language of the masses and there is no turning away from that.”


Singaporeans also console PAP MP Inderjit Singh
S’poreans console Inderjit Singh: ‘It’s ok, we know what you mean.’

Before they console him, they fell in love with him:
S’poreans fall in love with PAP MP Inderjit Singh after he whack PAP in Facebook note





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