Kong Hee airfares cost $700,000 because he flew to Heaven regularly

Posted on 06 September 2013

And travel records show Singapore Airlines charges exorbitant prices to fly that route.


City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee caused quite a sensation when it was revealed in court documents that he spent $700,000 on airfares alone.

However, it has been discovered that his airfares are so expensive because he personally flies to Heaven to meet God Himself.

One regular church-goer, Yeshu Aini, said: “It is not appropriate to break bread with the Father over Skype.”

Others blame Singapore Airlines for the hefty costs.

Fang Fei Ji, a local, said: “Singapore Airlines charge so expensive, most Singaporeans also cannot afford to take. You ask around, how many Singaporeans have actually flown SQ before?”

“Actually, come to think of it, $700,000 might in fact be a steal.”


And his wife:

Sun Ho’s phone bill costs $130,000 because she called God regularly






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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=588307578 Wee Kiat

    heaven..? u mean he spent the $700k for taking submarine trips down to hell regularly…

    • Dohz

      Hell no need 700K. He got direct access, VIP lane. FOC too.

      • Solecurious

        Right on Dohz

  • happygal74

    700K is for one year, so divided by 12mths, one mth about 58K, lst class tix to America is about 8500..he flies about 6 times a mth..

  • passby

    look at this “Fang Fei Ji, a local, said: ”
    that name is like , 放飞机(ffk) LOL

    • and it should be passerby

      we sure didn’t know that captain obvious.

    • Woye Aini

      Yeah, and Yeshu Aini is a migrant from the Xinjiang province!


    Yeshu Ai Ni? Fang Fei Ji??????

    • Yeshu Ai Ni

      Heard you were talking shit

      • Fang Fei Ji


  • RaphaellexXianz

    I din noe u can actually take a plane to heaven. lol

  • Jem Hoe

    i guess he was,

    *wears sunglasses* locked out of heaven…


  • http://lesterchan.net/ Lester Chan

    LOL at Fang Fei Ji

  • Jermaine

    My friend works at SQ as an air stewardess and have served them on boarf a few time. Apparently their entire family never sits Economy, Business or First Class; instead they usually take the private suite onboard. (:

    • Commoner

      There;s a private suite? I feel damn suaku now.

    • SIASupport

      Probably is, but compared to listening to the rants of someone who tries to flame others with a poor command of English, it might be better to check online to find out that SQ only has Suite/Business/Economy class for the A380, there is however no first class on the A380. If you are looking for first class, please fly under the B777.

      Considering that the SQ A380 flies to selected destinations (Franfurt, Heathrow, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Melbourne, New York, Osaka, San Franciso, Sydney, Tokyo and Zurich), your air stewardess friend must have flown excessively to be able to meet with Kong Hee “a few time”. Or that was probably not an grammatical error where you meant it as once.

      I do somehow believe that even with the court case going on, City Harvest Church still has a large following on weekends and even more so during weeks where Kong Hee preaches. For a speaker of his caliber, it won’t be that far fetched be think that someone or some organisation would want to pay for his air ticket, family included, to fly over for him to speak. Or would it be easier to point at him saying “Kong Hee is wasting $700,000″ such that he can further make more people trust him lesser, and hence his defense weaker? A point to ponder maybe?

      • StopPickingOnOthers

        watch your spelling before commenting, nitwit.

      • StayOnTopicAndStopPickingOnPeo

        Hi genius! If an air stewardess doesn’t fly excessively, what do they do? Please enlighten the internet with your respectable command of English and knowledge.

        P.S. “For a speaker of his CALIBRE , it won’t be far fetched TO think that HIS FLIGHT CAN BE SPONSORED BY AN ORGANISATION” is the right way to say it. There are 3 more sentences that are grammatically incorrect as well.

      • Joseph

        SIASupport gotta use some brains in this too… the news article clearly states that he spent 700k in air fares, if the organisation sponsored him, the debit and credit documents won’t be in kong hee’s documents but will be inside the sponsoring company’s, it won’t even be registered, unless the company decidely “donated a large sum of money to kong hee and told him to kindly put it into his charity club’s revenue and then purchase the ticket to fly over to heaven to speak to god”, the afore mentioned situation would not be classified as “revealed” but as “declared”, so I think SIASupport will be needing some brain support or better still, some financial advisory to teach him about the ledger statement of a company/ the definition of a charity organisation

      • Shirley

        Before you comment on others, check your own English and spelling. -______________-

        And by the way, if those monies were actually sponsorships, there would have be documentations. And no, even if he is of such a ‘caliber’ it does not make his actions right.


    放飞机…也许爱你…obviously a FT writer BS 😡

    • New Nation

      Reading comprehension FAIL

    • brie ♡

      its 耶稣, not 也许.

  • Mavis Chung

    Too extravagant already. Even if it is not your own money, it is the public money and it comes easy, there’s still no need to squander like that. So many people without food in this world and yet you cheated public funds for your own comfort. God is watching you and nab you. Don’t think that God is sleeping and don’t know what you are doing. You reap what you sow. Karma time now. 现在就被打落十八层地狱, 永不超生。真的是,自作孽不可恕。

    • Serena Wong Shui Shui

      Relak lah. God has everything under control. May be Kong Hee Fart Choi will be invited to give his Oscar award speech and preach in heaven next week? And the

      • Serena Shui Shui Wong

        And the pastor Sun Ho Ho Ho Ho Horlick, will be doing the famous preach delivery with her powerful hip gyrating stunt at close quarter to God.

  • Hodora Moe Zhen Yuan

    as a christian my advice to all
    jesus loves u, jesus forgives ur sin

    but u still have to face ur consequences

  • Ho Li Sheet

    I don’t know what is scarier, people accepting this 700k spend, or people actually believing this article is real. Goes to show a lot of sinkies are easily fooled.

  • Eddie Tan

    Word of caution. $700,000 over how long a period? Evident to show that it is for him alone or is it sensationalised to capture audience?

  • Blank

    Not 打飞机 jiu okay le

  • facepalm

    Hey people. Maybe y’all might wanna check out the name of this website and it’s slogan.

  • creamate

    might as well stay there all the way batter

  • elizabeth

    Hi wang pei? where are you getting your sources from? It hard to believe what you’re writing especially since your article here is being filed under “booyah” “bazinga”.


    Fang Fei Ji = Put aeroplane ?

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