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Serina Wee GIFs prove God exists, effectively ends 2,000-year-old debate

Posted on 27 August 2013

How can anything so divine be created by chance?

The 2,000-year-old theological debate about whether God exists has officially ended.

This after men of faith took a look at Serina Wee GIFs and concluded that something so divine can not be created by chance.

This is living proof that God exists as He is the only One capable of creating Our Lady Serina Wee, Goddess of Nectar and All Things Divine.

The divine hand of intervention is strong with this one.

Do not walk beside Serina Wee. You will only look like chopped liver.


All men feel weak watching that hair flick.

[Ok, some of you have requested for slow-mo GIFs. We feel our spirit stir and in the interest of doing right by our Maker, here are the slow-mo GIFs.]








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