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Din Tai Fung bracing its restaurants for toothpick thievery

Posted on 23 July 2013

This after labour chief Lim Swee Say admitted to stealing half of their toothpicks.


Din Tai Fung, the Chinese eatery that is actually better than Tim Ho Wan, is bracing all its restaurants for a spate of thefts.

This after labour chief Lim Swee Say publicly admitted to being a cheapskate toothpick pickpocket — despite making millions a year as he is tasked to upturn the downturn.

Swee Say reportedly told reporters at a talk on Monday to praise success, stroke some egos and xiao long baos: “And because I go there very early – 10.30 in the morning – always full right. And guess what? By the time I left, normally right, it’s half left. The other half is in my pocket.”

The labour chief’s action has prompted ordinary Singaporeans to want to one-up him.

Jin Yao Quee, a Singaporean, said: “I’m going to Ding Tai Fung and steal their table and bring one of their waitresses home.”

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