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Indonesia sends haze to rid S’pore of dengue mosquito

Posted on 14 June 2013

Singaporeans thank Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyo shows Singaporeans how to kill the mosquito

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyo shows Singaporeans how to kill the mosquito

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Cross-straits diplomacy is at an all-time high today as Indonesia is playing friend to Singapore in this time of need.

As dengue cases soar island-wide here, the relevant government ministries and agencies in Singapore have all but run out of ideas to solve the problem.

But not to worry. Because in comes our friendly neighbour across the straits: The Indonesians sensing Singapore’s troubles with mosquitoes, has provided a much-needed respite — in the form of haze, at PSI level of 88, to smoke out the blood-sucking critters.

And this is in appreciation of Singapore’s kind gestures towards Indonesia over the years, such as importing its maids, its instant Indo mee and raising second families in Batam.

One Singaporean, Wen Zi Yao said: “We better thank the Indonesians fast. Or else, the Singapore government confirm claim credit for themselves next week when dengue cases drop.”

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