Indonesia apologises for failing to get rid of Singapore’s dengue mosquito

Posted on 24 June 2013

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono asks for forgiveness, begs not to embargo Indo mee.

Bzzzzz... Should I join PAP... bzzzzzz

Bzzzzz… Should I join PAP… bzzzzzz

Indonesia has penned a heartfelt apology to Singaporeans after they failed to use the haze to get rid of Singapore’s dengue mosquito problem.

Cross-straits relations between the two countries took a sour turn as it was announced today in Singapore that dengue cases around the island have been increasing despite an economy-halting haze sent our way from Sumatra.

And it was in this area that the Indonesians were the most regretful for.

One part of the handwritten apology addressing this issue read: “We are very, very sorry the blood suckers are still around! (I mean the mosquitoes, not the PAP!)”

The official environmental agency has since called on Singaporeans to continue to remain vigilant against the blood-sucking critters.

A spokesperson from the National Environment Agency, who declined to be named, said: “It is unfortunate that the government cannot claim credit. Imagine if the number of dengue cases really went down. Shiok…”

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  • Baey Ta Han

    When will dengue stop, don’t u have a heart for people who died because of inability to stop dengue. If scholars can’t think of how to stop, will people just continue to get sick, no. Dengue cases just continue increasing, when is this going to get to wk?

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