Disgruntled S’poreans demanding money back for Black Hello Kitty

Posted on 28 June 2013

Expect to get money back under Lemon Law.

No bone and cannot sing. Tsk.

No bone and cannot sing. Tsk.

Disgruntled Singaporeans from all walks of life and with varying maturity levels who bought the prized Black Hello Kitty from McDonald’s are asking for a refund under the Lemon Law.

Lemon law protects consumers against defective goods that fail to conform to contract, or meet satisfactory quality or performance standards at the time of purchase.

It’s like getting married only to realise she cannot cook.

One Singaporean, Buay Kong Wei, said the McDonald’s marketing of the Hello Kitty was deceptive: “The Black Hello Kitty cannot sing at all. Then why they still advertise as Singing Bone Hello Kitty?”

This has led to severe confusion.

Another Singaporean, Mei Gu Tou, said “The Hello Kitty don’t even have bone. Then why they still advertise as Singing Bone Hello Kitty?”

The purchase has also caused some Singaporeans to be more independent.

Mei Peng You, a local, said: “I thought that by buying this Black Hello Kitty I will be accepted by my peers, but I am still an outcast. Even more so.”

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