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TNP bows to public scrutiny, makes rare clarification

Posted on 08 May 2013

Citizens hope to apply same tactic on CPF board, Singapore reserves.

This photo has caused a stir online since 2011.

This photo has caused a stir online since 2011.

Under intense public scrutiny, The New Paper has made the rare decision to counter online speculation regarding the authenticity of a photo about cyclists belonging to them.

TNP’s reply was directed at a wildly inaccurate article published by New Nation yesterday that cast aspersions on the authenticity of a photo showing cyclists doing random crazy shit on the road that was featured in MyPaper on May 6, 2013.

The photo originally belonged to TNP and speculation has been rife since 2011 about whether it was doctored when it first surfaced.

And to prove that it was not doctored, TNP published a series of photos in response showing that the published photo occurred as it happened.

Far from being a case of wrongful accusation, this incident has emboldened citizens.

Self-styled political pundit Eric de Yaya, said: “Imagine if enough people ask questions about CPF monies or the size of Singapore’s reserves.”

“This is a case study of how public scrutiny, even when it is online, can lead to the truth being made known without all that hemming and hawing. And bloodshed.”

Not everyone agrees with this piece. Read the apology instead.

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  • heex

    the group of 3 cyclists in the middle did not move their legs at all in all the photos and the cyclist to their right has been maintaining a “i’m gonna perform a balancing trick” posture throughout all the photos. more doubts remain.

    • rider

      Duh, if their leg positions don’t change, it means they are likely coasting along,(possibly waiting for the opportunity to also make u-turn safely (after the one shown turning, so as ot not get into his way). One does not have to try and find fault in anything. Often it’s easily explained

  • Ben Shigure Ho

    Wow… this takes it to a whole new level of denial for netizens.

  • googoo

    Right!! Can tnp explain why the 3 in the middle leg position doesnt change in all 7 pics?…. good balancing act or were they dummies?

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  • Safe cycling !

    If u look carefully at the sequence or pics ,I believe the cyclists were making a turn after the van has gone past a side road . As one of the pics shows a cyclist on that side road too. So it seems like a single shot shown may be misleading but the sequence of pictures shown by tnp shows a more accurate view of cyclists making a turn instead of riding in the middle lane . What do u think?