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STOMP is the best news portal in Singapore

Posted on 03 May 2013

Because it is also the funniest


Dear Terence,

I refer to the immaculately drafted report that you wrote about premier citizen journalism website STOMP on Friday.

Let me just summarise it for you, in case you forgot. Basically, STOMP rocks because 1) other people respond to the stuff STOMP publishes, 2) STOMP breaks news, 3) it breaks news veryveryvery fast.

But just to add on, as a huge fan of STOMP, I think you neglected to mention one more reason why people should go to the website: its entertaining.

Most ladies will tell you that finishing up fast is not necessarily a good thing. The same thing applies to news. Let me remind you two of STOMP’s best classics that you should hold at the back of your head the next time your name appears at the byline of an article singing STOMP’s praises:

1) Earlier this year, STOMP admins fought among each other to upload the news (that we broke), that a lady had fainted as the nomination centre prior to the Punggol-East by-elections.

Remember? Don’t remember har. I give you screenshot.


Lai, zhoom some more.


If STOMP editors had paused to scroll up to our logo, they might have noticed the “50% real caveat”. And maybe only get pwned 50%.

2) In June last year, professional STOMP reporter Samantha Francis took a photograph of an MRT train moving with the door open. If STOMP editors had slowed down a bit, they might have heard her complete her sentence : “I took the photo………from Twitter.”

Don’t remember har, here’s the link.

And the photo:


Arrows showing the obvious reflection from the window put there by hardworking folks at hardwarezone.

If STOMP editors had bothered to slow down and look at the picture, they might have noticed that though the original caption “strange white reflections found in MRT indicative of haunting” should obviously be spiked, but that the replacement story provided by the social media was hardly any better.

Coming from a fake news background, I only have this to say: don’t try to beat us at our game.

You also wrote that “If you have something to say and want to be heard, send in your contributions to [email protected] now”.

And so we shall.

Publish hor, kamsia. This is real one.

Rgds and pls revert if u free,


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