S’porean ladies shocked to see sexually attractive guy at protest

Posted on 03 May 2013

His presence at May Day protest a clear indication times are hard.

Photo stolen from The Online Citizen Facebook

Photo stolen from The Online Citizen Facebook

Some Singaporean women New Nation interviewed said they were stunned to see one sexually attractive guy attend the May Day protest at Hong Lim Park.

One woman, said the good-lookingness of at least one protestor is an indication how bad things are.

The lady, Sue Pearl Felicia, said: “Good-looking people usually have it easier in life, be it finding employment or making friends, getting laid. So, if a good looking guy attends a protest, it means there must really be hardship going around.”

But all is not lost.

The presence of the sexually attractive guy has spawned good will among Singaporeans, to the extent some are offering personal help.

Another woman, Jess Trawling, said while flicking her hair and giggling: “I’ve never thought good looking people had problems.”

“But if the sexually attractive guy needs help, he can call me maybe at 9-9953-6413.”


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