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PAP dog recaptured after near-defection to Aljunied-Hougang

Posted on 08 May 2013

Its recapture spells end to splinter faction.


One of the more senior card-carrying members in the PAP, Xiao Hei, almost escaped the clutches of her party to form a splinter faction in Aljunied-Hougang.

However, she was captured yesterday after she was spotted near Sengkang Block 203B, a mere 500 metres from Punggol East SMC, the land of the proud and free, where it was widely believed that safe transport had already been prepared for her escape to the opposition side.

Xiao Hei made her bold escape last Friday from Serangoon Gardens where she has been reportedly held in confinement in an incumbent household.

Her bold escape had already taken her about four days. She subsisted on food handouts given by opposition sympathisers.

And her capture has not gone down well.

Mainstream media reports that have portrayed her as a pet going missing has since come under heavy criticism.

Zho Gou, a democracy advocate, said: “Xiao Hei is more than just a pet. She has a training in econometrics and finance. She is also the lead architect of several economic policies in Singapore.”

Other democracy advocates say that her recapture could spell the end of a splinter faction that was set to join the opposition party to form a coalition.

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