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Man sues transgender woman for rape

Posted on 14 May 2013

Claims he was coerced into penetrating “Sam”

An 2011 stock picture of the subordinate courts where the hearing took place.

An 2011 stock picture of the subordinate courts where the hearing took place.

A Singaporean man has launched a landmark lawsuit against a cross-dressing man for rape. In his statement in court today, Chow Tee Koh claimed that he was tricked into penetrating “Sam” and sought compensation of $5,000 for psychological trauma. This follows a police report made by a bystander at the scene of the incident, who alleged that Chow had raped the woman in a drunken fit.

“She looked like a real whore and was practically screaming at me to take her from behind,” said a visibly traumatised Chow.

“By the time I realised I was duped, I was two seconds away from ejaculating and could not stop,” said Chow, choking back tears.

Central to Chow’s case is his definition of ‘coercion’, which he described as “the point when my fantasy about raping a slut became a nightmare of spilling my seed in a dude”. Chow claims that he was forced to finish the act of intercourse unwillingly, because “Sam” had seduced him on the pretext of being a female.

Chow has also started an online petition for transgender women to be banned from cross dressing, in order to prevent other men from being deceived in future.

“Sam”, also known as Tan Wei Ming, has declined to press charges though eyewitnesses say that he was the victim of a rape.

“I have my own rape fantasies too ok? And I thought it was consensual. In any case, his penis was so small I just dismissed it as a really bad lay.”

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  • liz

    “my fantasy about raping a slut”

    ….this man has some balls