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Belated Earth Day campaign won swing voters: BN

Posted on 06 May 2013

Ruling party returned to power on the back of green votes

Malaysian politician Khairy Jamaluddin speaks during a news conference in Kuala Lumpur

The Barisan Nasional retained its 56-year grip on power thanks to a shift in campaigning to win over the green vote, said UMNO Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin.

“We thought we had all but lost the young voters to the Bersih movement and Anwar’s charisma,” said Khairy in a press conference on Monday night, after the BN won 133 seats in the 222-member parliament.

“But we saw that there was potential to tap into the environmental movement by staging spontaneous ‘earth hours’ throughout the counting centres to remind the youth that we cared about electricity conservation. And it worked!”

Opposition supporters have alleged that the blackouts at counting centres were used to hide the appearance of extra ballots for the ruling party with some citizen journalists claiming to have snapped evidence of a dude carrying bags of extra ballots.

“I could see the cheating so clearly even during the blackout,” said first time voter from Penang, Fang Tou Piao. “This shows again how incompetent the BN is when they can’t even stage Earth Hour properly.”

But other voters were more sympathetic.

“The extra bags were probably blank votes in case the rain washed away the original voting slips. This way first time voters can practice how to vote repeatedly before submitting a proper copy,” said another voter, Sivaghumi Indalibal Yink.

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