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Accountant was only following Bible scribes by retrofitting data

Posted on 17 May 2013

Working backwards to fit the data was a legitimate method of recording facts, bible scholars say.


The former assistant accountant of City Harvest Church made a stunning admission in the Subordinate Courts yesterday when she said she had to “work backwards” to get the interest rate for an allegedly sham bond investment made by the church in 2009.

The court heard how the interest amount of $76,625 that the church will receive from a $11.4 million investment did not tally with the supposed two percent per annum in returns.

To make the numbers work, the assistant accountant had to rework the interest rate to make it 5.05 percent instead.

However, bible scholars were quick to point out that retrofitting of data was a legitimate means of putting events down on paper.

And the accountant was probably acting in Jesus’ interests.

Yehsu Aini, a bible scholar, said: “The New Testament was most likely written 300 years after the supposed existence of a Jewish man in the Levant-Gulf region, who proclaimed himself to be the son of God.”

“This explains the multiple accounts in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and the attempts to square the circle by making connections to the Old Testament about prophecies fulfilled. It was a legitimate way to record history then because there was no Internet.”

This reasoning might even be pursued by the defence team.

A source close to the case, but who declined to be named, said: “This could be grounds for a full acquittal for all six of them charged.”

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