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How it feels like to be a S’porean

Posted on 16 April 2013

The roller coaster inner lives of Singaporeans exposed.

The following 12 scenarios are snapshots that perfectly illustrate how it feels like to be a Singaporean exposed to the unexpected ups and downs, trials and tribulations of daily life on this sunny island set in the sea.

1. How you feel the moment you realised you still cannot afford a car even after working four years due to new loan curbs

2. Your face when you hear how much Singaporeans spend raising kids/ financing a home/ throwing a wedding banquet

3. How you feel when you possess a strong sense of self-entitlement

4. Your face when you read comments by Singaporeans quarrelling on Yahoo! and TREmeritus

5. Your face when you remember there’s still three years to go before you can move into your new HDB flat

6. When you take the train and you see the amount of people trying to get on during rush hour

7. The moment you realise you might never retire

8. Your face when you stumble upon New Nation articles while browsing the Web, only to realise it is satire

9. How you feel when you read Kishore Mahbubani’s article in The Straits Times

10. How you feel when you realised you’re too poor to emigrate

11. How you feel when you see Gilbert Goh approaching Singaporeans for help

12. How ministers feel when LKY shows up for cabinet meetings

*If any of these GIFs don’t load properly, it’s because your mobile phone/ browser/ laptop sucks.

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