This is why the world needs tuition teachers

Posted on 04 March 2013

Some students take a swig of whiskey before their exams to calm their nerves.

Others make a quick trip to the temple in the hopes of getting celestial assistance during their tests.

But it takes a student with exceptional balls to troll their examiners.

#1 This one was obviously hungry.

funny exam 9

#2 This one might not have expected to be countertrolled by the examiner.

funny exam 10

#3 This one obviously had help from his dad.
funnyexam 1

#4 This one clearly should have switched to an art course.

funnyexam 2

#5 This one might have been in the midst of intense self exploration.

funnyexam 3

#6 Denial. More than just a river.

funnyexam 4

#7 So old school. Who plays tetris nowadays??

funnyexam 5

#8 True though.

funnyexam 6

#9 To be fair, it is quite a cute pussycat.

funnyexam 7

#10 Balls to you my friend.

funnyexam 8

But for the rest of the students with neither enough wit to do a good troll, nor enough time on the experience bar to get some dutch courage. All’s not lost.

You could get yourself prepared to tackle the exams with confidence by taking tuition.

Specifically, we’re talking about O’Level and A’Level tuition — a little below the age group for New Nation readers but hey, maybe you’ve got siblings or nieces right?

Domain of Experts is a platform for students to pick their tutors based on their teaching portfolio, and another channel for tutors to reach out to potential students.

Need some help with that chemistry test? Contact Dr Chung. Or if your brother needs help with O’level biology? Click on Miss Sharon Wong for her tutoring profile.

It’s a one stop shop for your last-minute cramming needs.

Full Disclosure: This is a paid advertorial. New Nation bears no responsibility should you continue to fail your exams after 25 hours of tuition a day.

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  • uprs

    “Tuition teacher” is kind of like “knowledge teacher”. Ding dong.