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S’poreans heed Gilbert Goh’s F&B boycott advice

Posted on 14 March 2013

In turn, he is expected to be a man of principle and keep his word.


I is Gilbert Goh and when I make “cheese” sign, you cannot catch me ok? Pepsi cola 1, 2, 3…

Gilbert Goh, the balding owner of — a website that is written in Engrish — has requested Singaporeans to boycott F&B outlets that employ foreigners who account for 80 percent of their staff strength.

This, according to Gilbert Goh’s superior logic, is to teach the F&B joints a lesson so that they will be more inclined to hire only locals.

Singaporeans from all walks of life have since taken up his challenge.

Those interviewed by New Nation said they will avoid any such F&B outlets that employs 80 percent foreigners.

One Singaporean, Siam Ji Pi, explains how he will take Gilbert Goh’s suggestion to heart.

He said: “I will boycott those places with 80% foreigners. I will only patronise F&B outlets that employ 79% of foreigners!”

To take things to another level, other Singaporeans have suggested ways that Gilbert Goh can practise what he preach.

For instance, he is expected to refrain from wearing clothes that are Made In China to be a man of principle.

Boh Cheng Sah, another Singaporean, said: “As a pure bred Singaporean and a man of his word, it is his duty to abstain from anything which contains 80% foreign elements.”

“For example, if Gilbert Goh’s underwear contains 80 percent or more materials that are not produced locally, he cannot wear it.”

“He can, therefore, go commando. Or sew his underwear using locally produced leaves.”

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