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Letter writer: Ban Adam Lambert from performing

Posted on 04 March 2013

He will cause more problems for the churches in Singapore.


Dear National Council of Churches Singapore,

I am very sad to learn that gay icon Adam Lambert is going to perform a show at The Star Performing Arts Centre on Friday, March 8.

As we all know, the venue is owned by Rock Productions, the business arm of New Creation Church.

I have nothing against gays living the life that they want.

But if they exhibit it in public, the gay lifestyle may be promoted at the concert, and that the concert venue is owned by a church, therefore, the church will be corrupted.

For many Christians like me, we are particularly upset because New Creation Church has already become the last bastion of a true Christian church in Singapore.

And if this concert comes to pass, we’d have nothing left.

First, there was the incident with FCBC’s Lawrence Khong and his daughter, Priscilla Khong.

Everyone knew Lawrence Khong as a ramrod straight pastor.

Until he started to dabble in magic, which is Satanic because David Copperfield and David Blaine are also Satanic.

And then what’s worse was for Lawrence Khong’s daughter to get herself pregnant without getting married.

This was definitely the result of homosexual values, such as promiscuity, impinging on Christian beliefs.

Next, there is the City Harvest court case that is currently pending.

It must have already been very difficult for Pastor Kong Hee to witness his wife in disgusting states of undress while cavorting with men when she tried her hand at making videos for a living in the US several years ago.

And then for him to be accused of using his church funds to fund that career choice of hers.

There is no doubt homosexuality was the cause of all this too.

Lastly, other lesser known churches in Singapore have also lost their bearings over the years: A 45-year-old Singaporean pastor and father of three had underage sex with a 15-year-old girl from his congregation, plus a MOE scholar who had sex with an underage girl from his church.

These are all classic examples of homosexuality gone wrong.

I strongly urge the National Council of Churches Singapore to review the decision by New Creation Church to allow Adam Lambert to perform here.

This concert will only attract more gays to The Star Vista, as gays will definitely be enticed by the ungodly pursuits of the numerous shopping and eating options available there.

Yours truly,
Conservative Nazi

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  • Kenny Hubbahubbahubba Ng

    speaking as a straight christian, you Sir, are an absolute moron.

  • Sam

    The Star Performing Art Centre is a Building. The Church is the people. My friend, don’t be affected. The word Gay means happiness. The only thing you can help is to pray for him. You don’t see the cross on the building because the cross in the people. Amen

    • Buang Bin Hassan

      The world is coming to end.

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  • peacemaker

    Wow. Let’s just blame EVERYTHING wrong in the world on the gays! yay … now we won’t have guilt. (that is sarcasm, in case you didn’t recognize it)
    I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever in my mind that Adam Lambert is a better person than you are. He is kind, sweet, caring, considerate, and promotes love and fairness and equality for ALL people.
    Who he sleeps with is none of your business, and has nothing to do with your problems or the problems with your church. Plus the problems you spoke about in your letter have NOTHING to do with homosexuality. It has to do with MEN not controlling their urges and also homosexuals are not pedophiles – they are not the same thing. A pedophile is someone who preys on small children – steals their innocence from them, and they should be punished. Homosexuals are people who are attracted to their same sex… but people who are promiscuous are people of ALL sexualities who have sex with more than one partner. There are a LOT of heterosexual people who do that, and gazillions of heteros that cheat on their spouses and significant others.
    Thought you needed a little lesson. Hope that helped.
    Adam will put on a SHOW … he’s very entertaining and I assure you that while he’s very sexy and attractive, the “gay” will not be contagious. You will, however, be entertained! Enjoy the 1.5 hours or however long his show is and then you can get back to your troubled church … just stop blaming it on the gays.

  • JazzRocks3

    Is this letter a joke?

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  • pui

    By your token of your argument that BECAUSE he is a gay, he live a lifestyle of a gay so we should avoid him.

    So sir, by the same token, stop using the internet. There are stuff in the internet that is immoral and unpure. So, get off the internet now.

  • jt lannister

    For all the commenters here who fail to understand satire when they see it – congratulations! You are holding your very own Idiot Ball.

  • Zhenxiang Bu Shuo

    Acherly hor, I think is better not to tell people that is kai wan xiao niah. Then the reaction more funny lah.

  • LOL

    Gosh, if this letter was written in Malaysia I would still understand.. When here in Singapore where you have the annual bigger than ever Pink dot event. I cant even fathom it. *chuckles*

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