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ST editor Warren Fernandez fingered by public

Posted on 14 January 2013

But will he be probed by the police for his role in the newspaper’s illegal election polling?

The Straits Times editor, after being fingered by the public, is probably waiting to be probed by the police some time soon.

This is due to the public raising a stink over the illegal poll conducted by The Straits Times last week, which asked Punggol East SMC residents who they will vote for in the upcoming Jan. 26 by-election:

Because polls of any sort during election period violates the sacredness of our just laws here in the People’s Republic of Singapore.

But ST went ahead and did one anyway.

Warren Fernandez, has since apologised and is now reduced to grovelling.

Warren — in a statement typical of someone backpedalling — was quoted in ST explaining the poll: “Our reporters spoke with residents in Punggol East to get their comments and a sense of the ground for our election reports. This was not a full-scale survey, or scientific poll, by any means.”

He also said: “The headline for our story overstated the significance of the information gathered by calling it a poll. We are sorry for this lapse.”

But he is obviously not sorry for the fact that his reporters — carrying out their work under the Gold Standard of Journalism banner — are obviously doing shoddy work.

Check out what the ST report said:

“While 21 of those polled say they are undecided, those rooting for the People’s Action Party outnumbered opposition supporters 19 to 10,” said the report.

“The edge that the ruling party appears to hold may be a reflection of the incumbency advantage it has always held in a middle class, traditonally PAP-leading ward,” it continued.

Seriously, what kind of shitty reporting is this in the first place? How the fuck do you draw such conclusions from 50 people, who were in all likelihood, polled when they were eating yong tau foo or waiting for the bus or scratching their balls when they set upon by the reporters who wanted an opinion?

For deriving a point out of thin air, the reporters deserve to be shot. And then quartered. And broken on the wheel. And fed to the crows.

And when the crows fly away, the crows deserve to be shot.

Moreover, it must be remembered that in a previous case in late 2011, a certain Joseph Ong Chor Teck conducted an unscientific exit poll on the then-Temasek Review Facebook page.

He was promptly arrested. And his photo was splashed big big on the newspaper. And he already looked guilty before trial.

Joseph Ong Chor Teck was arrested on Sept. 3 for conducting an exit poll on Facebook.

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  • Han Zack

    Man, I just luv yr writing! Almost rolled off my seat. Wished more people have a huge sense of humor.

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  • dontknowanyname

    mm… so the article is not “full-scale survey, or scientific poll”. the BE result is out and is the article is totally wrong – “those rooting for the People’s Action Party outnumbered opposition supporters 19 to 10″.

    seems like a waste of ink and space on that paper

  • MustBeFair

    Is he charged ? Facebook got arrested and this is piblished in the Straits Times which has a wide audience.

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