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ST contemplates going after PAP to boost readership

Posted on 01 January 2013

Declining readership forcing nation-building press to change tack.

In the face of a declining readership and a better educated electorate, the nation-building press, The Straits Times, is looking into ways to change its reporting style to win back an audience.

All along, the broadsheet has only written favourably about the PAP.

However, it is now contemplating going after the ruling party to appeal to the anti-authoritarian crowd.

And maintain its business bottomline.

Tan Tua Lui, a ST reader who is already sick of reading ST, said: “If ST truly wants to remain competitive and gain readers, it should just write investigative news reports about the PAP.”

“Look at blogivist Alex Au of Yawning Bread. His intelligent critiques and incisive style digs up dirt on the PAP and he has a strong following of several hundred thousand readers.”

Alex Au’s latest critiques about the PAP Town Council fiasco involving some shady software business dealings, has attracted a lot of readers and put many ST reporters to shame as he is doing a much better job than paid writers.

This share of audience that ST has not captured also means it is ultimately bad for business, because the behemoth Singapore Press Holdings often prides itself as being profitable, instead of providing good journalistic writing in the first place.

And taking pot shots at the PAP is proven to be good for business. Look at The Online Citizen.

Without a doubt, this change in tack to go after the ruling party in this new year has been condoned by everyone interviewed by New Nation.

Kwa Poh Zhuar, an anti-ST protestor, said: “Everyday write favourable stories about PAP read until sian. You mean you everyday eat char kway teow you not sian?”

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