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NewNation poll finds 80% of Singaporeans disapprove of Straits Times’ illegal poll

Posted on 14 January 2013

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A NewNation poll has found that 80% of Singaporeans disapprove of Straits Times’ law breaking poll, which involved harassing aunties and uncles outside coffeeshops and HDB void decks.

The ST poll, which aimed to discover if Punggol East residents supported the PAP or the Opposition, has been called out by netizens for breaking the law, since according to the Parliamentary Elections Act, it is illegal to publish exit polls between the time that the writ for an election is called until the close of Polling Day.

Only 50 residents were polled by the newspaper, widely praised for its gold standard in journalism. A police report has been made against the media organization and Straits Times haters are eagerly awaiting the outcome of the investigation.

In the NewNation poll, Singaporeans were asked whether they believed SPH deserved to be punished by the law for their mistake.

The poll was conducted mostly around the area of the Hougang-Aljunied Town Council.

“Of course lah, the PAP and their state organs have been using the law to cockblock the oppositions. They should get a taste of their own medicine,” said a man in a blue T-shirt who was sipping coffee at a hawker center. He declined to be named.

Residents were also asked what they thought the outcome would be. Not surprisingly, most residents believe they would at most get off with a light fine and a stern rebuke within the SPH office by their PAP masters.

Despite the overwhelming disapproval of the Straits Times’ handling of events, the bastion of truth has its supporters too.

Out of the 5 Singaporeans polled, one expressed unyielding support for the newspaper. He was interviewed in Toa Payoh.

Editor’s note: We have sought confirmation from the police about whether our poll was illegal as well, since the Straits Times is part of the PAP. As no reply was received, we went ahead and published this report.

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