Michael Palmer wins some street cred back for PAP

Posted on 14 December 2012

PAP no longer seen as “dull farts” after the Eurasian heartthrob infused politics with sexy times.

Photo of a sweaty Michael Palmer stolen from REDSPORTS.SG, a place where you can read about other sporty people sweating for some results and stuff.

The tide is appearing to be turning in favour of the PAP.

After the news of Michael Palmer’s hanky panky with another woman who is not his wife came to light on 12/12/12, more youngsters are saying that they are viewing the ruling party a whole lot differently.

They are moving the party up a notch, from being “dull farts” to “slightly more interesting than a cactus”.

The top reason is because young people witnessed Michael Palmer capable of following his emotions rather than just his rationality. And put everything on the line to fulfill his needs, a hallmark of YOLO, which is something young people strongly believe in.

And the other reason is more enlightening.

Youngsters interviewed by New Nation said they are surprised that a PAP MP can even have sex.

Let alone outside of marriage.

Zhen Tian Zhen, a 16-year-old student, said: “We had this impression that PAP MPs cannot have sex because they are always portrayed as pure as Virgin Mary. This was the image that was created in our minds having undergone Social Studies.”

“We are, therefore, now glad that they are actually fallible, which makes them more human. And believable.”

Professional political analysts have also pointed out that doing a Michael Palmer should be expected. It is a miracle that it does not happen often.

Eric de Yaya, a self-styled political pundit, said: “When you mix money, politics, power, prestige and white translucent shirt and pants into the mix, I don’t see how you can not get a sexed-up party.”

This will probably translate into a higher enrollment rate.

Public sentiment at the moment is suggesting that more sexy swingers are planning on joining the PAP and People’s Association, hoping to get in on some of the action.

Lai Zhuo Ai, a 30-year-old swinger and bisexual, said: “You know what they say about the conservative ones who look plain and proper on the outside? They are usually the wildest ones.”

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