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Jesus appears on Ang Ku Kueh

Posted on 15 November 2012

Amateur Singaporean food blogger stunned to find renowned Jew on his Chinese pastry.

An amateur food blogger-cum-critic, Baby Ion Chaff, made a shocking discovery this afternoon.

An image of Jesus anointing the sick appeared on his Ang Ku Kueh that was bought at a coffee shop near Liang Seah Street, beside Beach Road.

Baby Ion Chaff said: “I was doing my, you know, food critiquing, and I took photos with my Nikon SLR camera with zoom lens.”

“And the next thing I know, while reviewing my artistic shots, I saw Jesus anointing the sick on my Ang Ku Kueh.”

Baby Ion Chaff showed New Nation exclusive photos of the now-famous Ang Ku Kueh:

Baby Ion Chaff’s Ang Ku Kueh:

Fiddling with his camera, she zooms in on the Ang Ku Kueh:

Zoom some more… Can you see Jesus anointing the sick already?

Ok, zoom some more… Can you see it now?

Lo and behold, this is the world renowned image of Jesus anointing the sick!

Thoughts of selling this prized possession will not be entertained, Baby Ion Chaff said.

And she will also not be bringing the Ang Ku Kueh to the Church for authentication.

That’s because it is no longer available.

Baby Ion Chaff said: “I got hungry and ate it.”

Editor’s note: After this report was out, many members of the public claimed to also see an image of a white cat. New Nation has verified that this is accurate.

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