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S’poreans compete to see who can be least racist

Posted on 08 October 2012

PAP loyalist, Lionel de Souza, wins by a light-year.

In the wake of the Amy Cheong fiasco, where a middle-aged Singaporean woman and ex-NTUC staffer put her foot publicly in her mouth, Singaporeans have been trying to outdo one another by displaying just how they are the most anti-racist.

Some have taken to Facebook to explain that he/ she is terminating his/ her membership with NTUC (Erm, then your outstanding LinkPoints redemption how?):

Others have taken to Facebook to perpetuate an FB page arms race to see who can gather more Likes in the least amount of time:

Stop Racism In Singapore Facebook page.


FIRE Amy Cheong Facebook page.

Looks like Stop Racism In Singapore FB page is losing to FIRE Amy Cheong.

Not to be outdone, PAP loyalist Lionel de Souza headed off and made a police report. And takes to Facebook to tell the entire galaxy about it. (Note: The mainstream media has been omitting his political affiliation.)

Lionel de Souza’s police report against Amy Cheong. Mainstream media has been omitting his political affiliation.

Lionel de Souza has officially won by a light year by proving that one is capable of taking offline action — by putting on some clothes and shoes and taking the trouble to go to the nearest police post and give a statement, which would take an hour in total at least, and then putting it online.

Just to prove that one is not an idle keyboard warrior.

But we must all remember, righteous indignation on its own will barely do us in — only when we add absolute INTOLERANCE to the mix, will we be done for!

So let’s take heed of this dude’s advice:

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  • Shark

    Actually it’s good that Singaporeans are finally doing something about such matters collectively. But this website chooses to poke fun at them and thinks they are doing this out of “boredom”. No surprise really, since this site is mostly run by higher educated Chinese who haven’t had to deal with racism for most of their lives. Also no surprise this site is one of the less read ones in Singapore :)

    • KD

      By making such statement such as “by higher educated Chinese who haven’t had to deal with racism for most of their lives” aren’t you doing a inverse racism on chinese ?

    • sh

      Actually its good that you equate high readership with good quality. No surprise that STOMP and Temasek Review are one of the highest read news sources for Singaporeans like yourself. :)

    • Seb

      Also no surprise your comment has 20 vote downs… or even has a vote down.. hahaha.

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