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Sun Ho’s ‘China Wine’ saved at least two souls since 2007

Posted on 01 July 2012

One is her back-up dancer, the other is a woman who likes to get married.

Jesus love you long time.

Two women have stepped forward publicly to claim that China Wine, Sun Ho’s empowering 2007 music video focusing on women’s rights, has led them to salvation and a life fulfilled.

At Saturday evening’s church service this weekend at Singapore Expo Hall 1 — the first pulpit session since Sun’s husband, Pastor Kong Hee of City Harvest Church was formally charged in court for performing sorcery on church funds, one of Sun’s backup dancers publicly testified about her conversion.

The backup dancer, Gina Lum, said: “God used Sun’s China Wine music video to… fulfill my dream and lead me to Christ.”

However, she is not the only woman.

Listening to China Wine has taught another woman, who likes to get married, what values to abide by.

“I no longer have pre-marital sex. I learnt that I should have sex only after getting married, which is the right thing to do,” said Neng Tua Liap, a woman in her 20s who was speaking outside Zouk, a popular place of worship for young people who like dance music, hip videos and drinks similar to what Jesus created from water.

She has been married seven times in the last four years. On five occasions it was to men, and twice to women.

With her moral compass pointing in the right direction because of her new found faith, Neng also explained why she does not believe in committing adultery: “It is ok to have sex with other men and women while married because I remain strictly celibate during divorce proceedings.”

“Look, ultimately, I’m still having sex during marriage, right?”

Editor’s note: As our photographer’s camera was damaged during the media scuffle on Wednesday outside court after encountering a tribe, we would like to apologise to Ms. Neng for not shooting her in the best light.

$24 million well-spent?

Although some have questioned this irrational desire to spend $24 million to finance Sun Ho’s pop star wet dreams, this has turned out to be money well-spent.

With at least two souls saved, this works out to approximately $12 million per soul, before taxes, which is cheap.

And this figure is looking rosy because every single soul is precious and valued to be priceless.

For the record, the number of Christians who backslid since China Wine’s 2007 release is only about 57 million worldwide.

This is due to the rise of Facebook and iPhone apps, as well as other secular activities such as atheism, increased fast food consumption and science, which is the asking of critical questions about the beginnings of our universe without factoring God into the equation.


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