Fag group fails to overthrow gov’t

Posted on 01 July 2012

By Josie Low

A radical gang of gays and transvestites held a protest at Hong Lim Park on Saturday in a failed attempt to overthrow the government. Dubbed the Pink Dot rally, the fringe group has held the event since 2009 with marginal success, as Singapore has still retained its traditional Asian values.

According to the gay-leaning online media which believed the Pink Dot press release without question, 15,000 people turned up for the event and flashed pink lights to show support for sexually deviant heathens. These included celebrities from television, which has also been turning pro-gay, such as Sharon Au and Lim Yu-Beng. Effeminate faggot Kumar, who still has scrotum, also made an appearance.

New Nation estimates that the true attendance was probably only 150 as organisers failed to provide a buffet dinner, shopping vouchers and free drinks for participants.

“Pink Dot was a massive failure this year compared to previous years,” said self-styled political pundit Eric de Yaya.

“The organisers couldn’t even get the participants to form a proper circle. Even the Singapore flyer at the background looked more like a dot compared to the pink mass, which looks more like a vagina,” he said.

The “pink dot” this year, looking more like a scrotum-less man.

Most Singaporeans say that the country is not ready to accept gays, if ever. In a recent survey by the West Boon Lay Baptist Church, which polled 20 of its own members, 19 out of 20 Singaporeans would disown their children if they found out he was a faggot.

“Ours is still a conservative society,” said former NMP Lao Char Bor, who is a full-time lawyer and previously campaigned hard against the repelling of 377A, a law that has been crucial in maintaining the standards of morality in Singapore since 1938.

“If we fail to respect the law, we fail to respect our traditions and that will ultimately lead us down a slippery slope beyond just anal penetration — who knows, one day we could even condone sexual acts with Koi fish,” she said.

Despite assertions by promotors of homosexuality, young people are also fervently against the spread of the fag disease.

Daniel Yong is one example. Spotted on the periphery of Hong Lim Park during Pink Dot, he told New Nation that as a celibate young man, he hates gays, and frequently fantasises about them tumbling around in the hot sweaty pit of hell with the devil standing in a corner wearing a red skin-tight outfit.

“I hate gays, more than I hate old people. I look forward to the day of reckoning when I can watch these fags burn from the clouds in heaven. But for now, I’ll just think about whipping them with my leather belt,” he said.

The fag disease is the devil’s making. But with God’s grace and some help from counsellors and pastors, the devil from within can be expelled.

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  • Chow Chee Hello

    Thank god the fag attempt to overthrow the government failed. Otherwise, we would have a prime minister that wears pink shirts, crosses his legs like ah qua and with moves like faggot, not Jagger. 

  • Brawny

    Chow Chee Hello needs a sense of humour.

  • guest

    what rubbish! who’s the idiot that wrote this.
    Obviously a looser who is in lack of intelligence.

  • Adrianmah

    Hehe.. West boon lay baptist church… Nice one :)

  • Otto

    I’m appalled. This site is guilty of false advertisement! I estimated that only about 35% real news! Where got 50%? . . . Feel so cheeted. LOL! XD    Seriously, a very funny article. Keep spoofing!!!

  • Nicholascheeweiyip

     Appaling nonsensical utterance and report by a racist homophobe who lacks self-esteem trying to instill hatred to tear the unity of Singapore from within.

    • Guest

      it’s fucking satire, get over yourself.

  • guest2

    @brawny…er I think Chow Chee Hello does have a sense of humour. He/she is referring to a certain top politician of ours who sashays down the red carpet when inspecting foreign troops abroad…it’s just that the media cannot use those shots.  Way to go, Pinkie, your subjects are behind whether you’re pink or blue or hermaphrodite! 

  • guest2

    and er..Josie Low..LOL ….i bet u miss those Aware days.

  • Guest2512

    Such rubbish. It’s not a fcking protest. It’s a gathering to support the LGBT cause.

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  • Gab Winter

    I was straight but I saw the pink dot (gay virgina) and I turn gay!!! Help me Allah!!!

  • RamU

    Singapore needs soldiers not faggots