Future prime minister spotted on MRT

Posted on 19 June 2012

And no, Chen Show Mao-spotting is not a marketing ploy to up ridership numbers.

The cattle-class public transport system of Singapore is getting an unlikely boost having come under intense fire recently.

The future prime minister of Singapore, Chen Show Mao, was spotted by a hawk-eyed commuter recently who noticed the bespectacled hipster member-of-parliament minding his own business while riding on the North East Line.

Chen Show Mao on the North East Line. Photo from Wing Shun Kong's Facebook.

With overcrowded buses the norm and commuters having to put up with an MRT system that increasingly suffers from PMS in recent times, Chen Show Mao’s presence was a reassurance to many everyday commuters that everything is going to be alright.

“If it is good enough for Singapore’s future leader, it is good enough for you and me, the proletariat,” said Tah Dee Tieh, a 36-year-old heavily pregnant woman who is carrying triplets.

Others have even gone so far as to pledge to sell their wheels having seen the future prime minister take the train.

“I am inspired to sell my car and rely on SBS and SMRT from now on,” said a retrenched PMET, Meh You Qian.

An employee from one of Singapore’s train operators who refused to be named, said getting Chen Show Mao to publicly endorse taking public transport was initially proposed as a way to win back the trust of commuters after a spate of embarrassing breakdowns all over the island this year.

However, that was unnecessary as Chen Show Mao really does take public transport everyday anyways.

And his popularity among Singaporean women and hipsters meant that there will always be many out there who will secretly take photos of him and post them on Facebook ensuring constant free publicity for train operators.

The anonymous employee explained: “If you noticed, Chen Show Mao is always photographed by his stalkers sitting down while taking the train and the place is not very crowded? This portrays a very good image of our train system, which in fact, is always overcrowded all the time.”

“Furthermore, Chen Show Mao is also a picture of serenity whenever the trains work or break down,” the anonymous source also said.

There is always a seat for him and he is always happy even when the trains go tits up

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