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NSF to be awarded medal of bravery for keeping calm

Posted on 21 June 2012

From MINDEF Press Release:


A NSF who was robbed of his assault rifle at Pasir Labia camp is to be awarded a medal of bravery for diffusing a potentially violent conflict that could have resulted in some blisters and abrasion.

To prevent bloodshed, NSF Kang Tai, 22, gave in without a fight when faced with a robber armed with a screwdriver who demanded his SAR 21 rifle.

This turned out to be a ploy as the robber did not managed to get away because he was subsequently apprehended by others who knew that the rifle he had taken was not loaded.

The NSF’s actions have since been praised by the military, with credit given to the soldier’s tough training and smarts.

“Men who have been trained for war would rather live in peace,” said Supreme General of the Army, Jin Seow Onn, who applauded his man for his quick thinking.

The NSF’s actions are also viewed to be satisfactory as they abide by the culture of National Service.

One of the NSF’s platoon mates said: “He knew that his life is more important than having to endure a scuffle as a result of undergoing mandatory training that he most likely did not sign up for.”

To prevent the public-at-large from losing faith in the military’s prowess, Supreme General Jin gave his reassurance that soldiers today are all well-trained and raring to go for a fight.

Until it officially starts.

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  • Blank

    So much about national security against outside threats. I don’t our enemies need state of the art weapons to take over our country.

  • Chow Chee Hello

    NSF = No Soldiers Fighting

  • Leow See Koh

    Yes, NS is supposed to make us malleable drones for ruling party social engineering…fighting back and reclaiming his rifle would not have been a Singaporean thing to do. 

  • Hannie_fatal

    Pasir LABIA camp. lol

  • Wylie Wild

    I think one of the most dangerous sights in Singapore is seeing the four men squads of the NSF patrolling the streets and train stations with their guns. Any terrorist leader would die laughing. They might as well walk around with a sign saying “Free weapons: Come take.”

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