PAP rallies drew infinitely larger crowds this by-election

Posted on 31 May 2012

Attendance swelled by as much as 50 percent compared to GE2011.

It appears that the tide is turning in favour of the PAP.

At this year’s Hougang by-election rallies, the PAP fared much better in terms of attendance compared to last year’s GE2011 rallies.

And this must be bad news for the Worker’s Party. Their rally crowd size shrunk from 100,000 to 95,000 in just one year, representing a five percent decline.

Only 95,000 attended the Workers' Party Hougang by-election rally, marking a new Low (pun intended).

On the other hand, the PAP’s rally crowd grew by a whooping 50 percent in the same period of time.

From 50 people last year to about 75 people this year, PAP's rally attendance breaches new heights.

The people in front of the stage blossomed from about 50 attendees previously to approximately 75 in total this year as the PAP breached new heights.

Although mainstream media reports claim that PAP rallies attracted up to 4,000 people, it has to be noted that this figure takes into account all the people living in the HDB blocks of flats in the background who are within earshot of the rally site.

It also includes counting those living in the flats who should have been alive today, if they hadn’t died.

One PAP activist, Poh Lan Pah, maintained that his party does not take drastic steps to ensure participation and all attendees are volunteers.

He said: “The 75 people who attend each rally do so out of their own volition. We only prevent them from going to the bathroom during speeches as this will open up some gaps in the crowd. And the speaker might be too demotivated to speak if he or she sees it.”

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  • Delson Moo

    I had a dream a few nights ago and would like to share with you all….
    My dead Ah Gong and Ah Ma was at PAP’s rally too and they were saying it feels good to be at their rally again with all the other dead friends and relatives. Most of the time they are floating and wondering around and having the PAP rally gives them the opportunity to catch up and to support the party they used to love!
    My dead Ah Gong and Ah Ma also say that attending this PAP’s rally is better because there’s so much space for them to ‘hang’ around whilst The Workers’ Party rally is too packed with people and they can hardly squeeze in.
    My Ah Ma was in tears and she told me that after all these years, PAP is still so well-supported by Singaporeans and they are proud to be this part of the 4,000 strong supporters at PAP’s rally.

    Majulah Singapura !!

  • Icecream

    Hahaha… free chicken rice and free bus ride to bring all the old men and women there. You cal this increase har. I laught till the whole street can hear me.

  • crowds?

    so where are the MULTITUDES OF ‘GRACIOUS GRATEFUL’ FTs the PAP has shoowered much ‘love’ upon?

    rally crowds are not nearly as important as the the true ‘outpouring’ of the hearts,if you ask me.

    COUNTLESS OF SGPOREANS ‘made jobless’ by our heartless elites are pouring their hearts at the WP RALLIES.

    remember,it’s not just the crowds or teh shouts,it’s the HEART THAT COUNTS????

    …where are our shcolar-ministers HEARTS these days?
    they seem so out of love with their countrymen as they fall heads over hills in love with some UNGRATEFUL FT-INGRATES who refuse even to show up at the PAP rallies?!!!

  • JJfen

    you read the article above, you LOL. you read the comments posted, you LOL more.

  • Simply Bunch of RUBBISH

    If the media has OVER BLOWN the figure, whose order and for what….perhaps “someone” should come out to say something…….just another bunch of lairs hor

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