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S’poreans threaten Ben & Jerry’s boycott over depiction of gay men

Posted on 16 March 2012

By Terence Lee

It all started with a story on Yahoo! Singapore about how Ben & Jerry’s, a world renowned ice-cream brand, is showing support for gay marriage equality in the UK by depicting a gay couple on its Oh! My! Apple Pie! ice-cream favor.

What resulted was gay bashing in the comments section from some rather irate Singaporeans. Some even threatened to boycott the ice-cream brand.

Seriously, all that rage just over a cartoon of a gay couple? And it’s not like Ben & Jerry’s is launching their campaign worldwide — which makes the said Singaporeans’ anger even more puzzling.

Some of the comments range from hateful to just borderline insane. I’m not making this shit up. They’re real.

Sukhbir said: “Gays should remain celibate, go about living their lives quietly and not encourage gay marriage. Gay sex is not natural.”

Right, so gays should become monks then? I would like Sukhbir to try being celibate for one year to see how that feels like. As for his comment on how gay sex isn’t natural, he should really look at the animal kingdom — monkeys suck off one another too. So “what’s natural” isn’t necessary what’s right — cannibalism occurs naturally as well, but is it justified?

Asia Michael said: “Ben and Jerry, I just throw out your ice cream – it taste like shit after gay sex is shit hole sex. the world like yours will be worst than sodom and gormorrah in the past.”

How Christian of Asia Michael to bring up Sodom and Gormorrah. Maybe he should belong with its inhabitants in the rain of fire.

Simply Moi said: “To show support that i’m against same sex marriage, I’m NOT going to support B&J anymore.”

Simply Moi should get a life. Really.

Aces said: “Are they promoting another form of enjoying “ice cream” ? This is sick man!!!”

His/her imagination is quite sick too.

Lim D said: “God created Adam and Eve so that they can mutiply all over the world..otherwise He would have name them Adam and”

Not everyone believes in Adam and Eve.

Jiangjuajee said: “BJ stands for Blow Job or Butt Job……. it makes the ice-cream so distasteful.”

I’m amazed he only just noticed now.


I can’t say anything about his comment, otherwise the police will knock on my door. But if a gay B&J employee scoops an ice-cream for him, I wonder if he’ll accept it.

And the anti-gay comments go on and on.

I thought Singaporeans are more enlightened than that.

What’s also interesting is that all of these comments are anonymous. I wonder if anyone of them will openly say what they wrote, staking their identity on it?

Or are they just spineless cowards?

To be fair, there are many Singaporeans who defended Ben & Jerry’s decision as well, urging tolerance and respect of each other’s beliefs.

But seeing such remarks coming from my countrymen is a stark reminder for me that probably a majority of Singaporeans have not caught up with the rest of the world when it comes to respect for different beliefs and lifestyles.

I respect people with different views, even those who are against gay marriage.

But to go to the extent of boycotting Ben and Jerry’s? Come on…

Get a tub of Ben & Jerry’s to show them our support! Take a picture of it and post and Twitter with the hashtag #bjforgays. Winks.

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  • :)

    Singapore, being such a developed and well respected country with a lovely population (I lived there for a decade) still represents a small microcosm of the entire world today. However developed we become, there will still be others left behind. We just have to give it time, once a society becomes entirely tolerant, they can become very powerful. 

  • Gfghfghcgnffgcnfc

    oh come on…everyone knows that the yahoo comments section is where dumb teenagers and redneck singaporeans hang out

  • Vekesh

    I’m GAY, PROUD to be and I’M NORMAL. I LOVE Human Beings WHO just LOVE ME as I AM!

  • Donato R

    Hi guys. I’m Italian and please, trust me: talking about gay people rights, Singapore is by far more advanced than italy. In Italy gay people or gay couples’ lives are still hard. no rights and no understanding. i mean, if you are gay you can’t feel free to be who you are.
    i mean, you can be who you are, but it’s hard.

    is it the same in Singapore?
    do gay couples walk together along the street? do they hug or whatever openly?actually, things are changing, but too much slowly. the Vatican’s mentality influences Italian policy on this issue a lot (bag your perdon for my bad english ;D).

    • Brad J Twohill

      ya well, gtfo sg is full. 

      • Terence Lee

        chill, brad

  • Zhang Hao Yi

    Thank you very much Terence!

  • Aaron

    I’m usually very harsh in my criticisms…but this time…I’m just… lol…

    But guess what’s next for dessert?

  • Jim Leow

    i dunno about “probably a majority of Singaporeans have not caught up with the rest of the world”. given most SGeans are straight, i think most of us are rather indifferent. however, i think it is only practical to accept that there will be a group of ppl that will never be able to tolerate homosexuality, n an even smaller group of them will go all out to condemn it.

  • guest

    Wtf?  People have their own rights. Gay people should have theirs too. God? If there is a god im sure he will forgive, Fu#k this shit.

    • Janey

       I don’t even see what’s there to “forgive” about being homosexual. It isn’t a lifestyle choice, it’s just you falling in love with the same sex. It’s such a small part of you that doesn’t need to be blown into proportion.

  • Joe

    I just don’t get those stereotype/homophobic Singaporean after all everyone is still human being if people is gay let em’ be it’s not like gay is a disease ! Now you can see how narrow minded those Singaporean are by posting those nasty comment. Seriously people need to be educate on that !

  • Shahnawaz A Hamid

    Thank you for this very insightful post. Now I know – judging from comments here – that making idiotic remarks is not a trait exclusive to the homophobic community.

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  • Mike

    This is the reason that Pink Dot SG exists in Singapore.  Their event started in 2009 and its a family oriented peaceful event to show Singapore and the world that lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and trangendered people are no different than anyone else.  Their last event held 10,000 people and this event may even hold more.  Pink Dot has spread around the world to places like New York, Montreal, Utah, Alaska, Philippines, and more.  For more information visit – hopefully soon enough their mind set will change.  Until then, there is Pink Dot.

  • rain

    OMG!!! i just sew this and is like who the hall are they right to say about gay? so they are better then gay? sometime i think gay are more lovely and fun and friendly then others…. if they who is anyone that don’t like gay then just leave then alone la… they also never hurts you… 

  • Advocates for Marriage

    their is a world wide boycott of B&J you can go here to sign

    • Janey

       lol stfu

  • Janey

    You can never respect any beliefs that are intolerant, especially those towards gay marriage. When are people going to realise that homosexuality is normal and in fact not at all harmful to the very fabric of society? Sure, talk about how homosexuals will destroy society, but they’re just people who fall in love with people of the same sex. It’s not like they intend to unleash the terror of the homosexual agenda upon the world, puh-lease. Shut up, all of you homophobes. You are basically unhappy and selfish and probably have the brain the size of a pea. My best friend is gay, and he’s the sweetest guy I’ve ever known and he talks to me about wanting his own family when he’s older too. THEY’RE HUMAN. 

  • Fluent in Sarcasm

    Apparently, in some narrow-minded Singaporean’s minds, the ability to criticize determines how intellectual one is. Nope it doesn’t matter how stupid their criticisms sound. 

  • Ashe

    Yeah if they had put an interracial straigjt couple, I bet the same number of ignorant comments would surface. Ppl should worry more all the other bigger pictures and problems in life.

  • droidgirl

    Ok so…I feel I should at least state that those comments are not representative of all Singaporeans. Reading this article is making me cringe. I’m a straight Singaporean woman who fully supports the LGBT community anywhere in the world. I whooped out loud in the office just two days ago when President Obama finally showed his support for gay marriage in the U.S. (in fact, I wondered out loud many times how the state of New York only just legalized gay marriage last year – how could it have taken them this long?). I am proud to death of my adopted countries stance on gay marriage (legal for a decade and more now, I think). I live in Toronto’s gaybourhood and love the community I am immersed in all of the time.

    I hope people on this board will be open minded enough to realize Singaporeans are not all homophobic fuckwits!

  • droidgirl

     FYI – just going to correct a couple of mistakes in my comment below:

    My adopted country’s, not ‘countries’. That being said, that country is Canada – I live in Toronto, Canada.

  • Niteshmurti

    isn’t it hypocritical to hate homophobes for voicing their opinion? Put it another way; isn’t it hypocritical to hate people who hate?

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