Student to parents: Lay off the incredible iPad

Posted on 05 February 2012

Dear New Nation editor,

as a River Valley High School student, I am embarrassed to find out that a shouting match erupted between a parent and the school authorities — over the use of the iPad in class.

You know one of those face-palm moments where your parents treated you like a baby even though you’re a 16-year-old adult? Yep, that was one of those moments.

Parents are, generally, a stupid bunch. They are clueless about technology.

I wasn’t there at the teacher-parent meeting, but I saw Bryna Sim’s article about the whole incident.

The ludicrous comments from some parents just confirmed my prejudices.

One questioned whether introducing the iPad would really improve learning.

Hell yeah. Give me a textbook with videos and step-by-step animation anytime. These nice touches make difficult concepts easier to understand. Plus there’s always the Internet.

The awesome iPad is also much lighter. Primary School kids would benefit the most. I really pity my little sister: The bag she carries looks bigger than my elder brother’s army fieldpack. Imagine carrying that to school everyday.

Another commented: “The school is already doing so well without iPads. There is really no need to introduce it.”

That person needs a knock on the head.

Technology is the future. The faster we get familiarized with technology, the better prepared we are for the Information economy (I learnt that in social studies).

But this comment takes the cake: “Another fear the parents have is that their children will get addicted to games and other sites on their iPads.”

I can’t help but LOL at that. I wonder why the the reporter is hesitant to name what these “other sites” are.

Well, let me spit it out: Porn. Of all varieties: Lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, straight, oral, anal, BDSM. My parents will flip if they know I’m typing this. But you know how I know? Because the boys in my school watch porn on their iPhones all the time. In the classrooms.

I guess parents can be forgiven for being the way they are. They are products of a bygone era — fearful of the new and fantastic. In time, they and their ilk will be discarded like trash — forgotten and ignored.

But you know who is the most ignorant of the lot? Bryna Sim, the reporter of the said article. And I thought reporters are supposed to be smart.

First, she is concerned that teachers must spend time familiarizing with the device and the apps that come along with it. And she is concerned that teachers would need to devote months to convert textbooks to the digital format.

Sorry to break the news to you, Ms Sim, but even a secondary four student like me understands that teachers are not required to convert textbooks for the incredible iPad — leave that to the professionals. Furthermore, textbook publishers are increasingly selling textbooks in digital format.

So stop pretending like you’re concerned about the teacher’s need to do “regular marking, teaching, setting of papers” and start doing more research on your article.

Second, Bryna is concerned that using the awesome iPad will “breed greater selfishness and alienate teachers from students.”

As I recall, people have been saying the same thing about the telephone and the Internet. And where are the fear mongers today?

I think the opposite is happening with the iPad. It draws people together in a loving embrace. Students and teachers can talk about school work, discuss lessons, and ask questions, all on the iPad. It breaks the ice, as students are often afraid to speak out in class.

It’s simply a great way of building relationships.

I have a friend (from another secondary school) who chats regularly with a male Chemistry teacher. She frequently talks about her schoolwork and even her personal problems. They talk about anything and everything, like friends. They’ve even gone out.

Online interaction, after all, often results in great offline interaction, don’t you think?

So, Bryna misses the good ol’ days of “flipping through heavy textbooks scarred with pen marks of varied colors together”. Well, she can shove them up her ass.

She ends off her article as such: “Can we master technology and control its influence, instead of letting it master our decisions?”

How trite. Even I can write better stuff than that!

As for me, my parents will definitely be getting me the incredible, amazing iPad. Convincing them was easy. I told them that the school has an offer for female students to purchase a year’s supply of a new brand of sanitary pads.

If that fails, my backup plan would simply be to do a little arm-twisting. With Facebook and Twitter, nothing is really private these days. And they have plenty of skeletons in the closet.

Best regards,

Apple Slut

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  • Anon

    hahaha…since when is a 16-year old an adult? last i checked, 16 is still a teen – not eligible to drive, to vote – a minor. perhaps when you earn your keep then you can slut after all the apple products that you want.

  • Randy Khoo

    The problem I perceive is cost.
    An iPad cost much much more. And if the student is not careful, they might damage their iPads.
    Or what if students who are victims of bullying had their
    I think parents are more concerniPads destroyed?
    These are questions that your lop sided article did not address.
    Parents are very concerned about the safety and well being of their children.
    What happens when children are the next victim of snatch thefts and mugging?
    Schools don’t really care. After all, with all the education material fitted into the iPad, can the schools keep the price down? It seems more like an extra way to major money for schools.

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  • Guest

    To the author, 

    think before your talk/type …

    are your Parents (a stupid bunch?) the ones who  you all these gadgets, like mobile phones, laptops, pads etc…. think so.  THEY ARE STUPID. 

    anyway, if you did learn how to read .. try these links and get educated …

    wait …. forget the links , you don’t deserve the info… 

  • Elvina

    Hi, I’m not much older than you, being at 18, but I feel the need to say something.
    Yes, there are always ways to argue that the iPad is absolutely necessary for class usage and to boost your learning ablities and what not, but I feel that it’s arrogant for you to think that you know better than the adults.
    Parents are in no wrong about about being concerned with the use of the iPad, although I felt that the shouting fest could have been mitigated.
    But instead of outright laughing at them I think you should at least consider what they are saying in greater detail, and in greater depth.
    Porn isn’t the only distraction. There are also apps, and basically the whole wide web for them to explore and if they persistently claim that they need it for the night “For school work”, it basically gives them an excuse to use the iPad 24/7 and no direct parental control.
    A parent brought up the point that they would have a heavier responsibility because they have to monitor the use of the iPad by the child. Well, not every child is as “mature” as you where they know how to use the iPad responsibly, i.e the boys in your class who already abuse their iPhones.
    In addition, the child might feel restricted by his parent constantly watching over his shoulder.
    I would think that parents would choose to get an iPad for their child if they feel like they are mature enough and they know when is the time for work and play, and of course, if they are financially capable and the child is deserving.
    It’s quite sad to see that you feel that an iPad is essential in your life, judging by your last two paragraphs where you’re even willing to expose their secrets?
    Whether you may be kidding about that, I do hope you’ll consider these underlying factors as well as many others which lay beneath the surface.
    You’re definitely entitled to your opinion but I hope you’ll take this constructively.
    As I’ve mentioned repeatedly, (through the use of the words I feel, I think) these are merely my two cents.
    I have been told that we all need humility to get by in life. Just passing the message on.

    • Joey


  • No One

    I’m a parent and a grandfather as well and I’m certainly more tech savvy than most 16 year student.

    The use of an iPad for school work is impractical for a simple reason that 10 finger typing is impossible to do on an iPad. It would be better to use an ultralight notebook.

    In any case the post was very well written and I certainly enjoyed the humor in it. You will make a great writer. Written with great difficulty from my iPad.

    • Terence Lee

      u know that you can purchase a keyboard for the ipad right? :)

  • RVian

    To the author of the above article:

    As a current student leader in RV, I can safely say that this article is definitely not written by a current RV student. All RVians practise SD and SR. We definitely don’t call our parents stupid as we practise SA! 

    So please stop writing such stories to boost readership in your MINUSCULE website and defame us RVians!

    Any reputable news agency will never use distasteful headlines like “Man blows into his own cock to revive it”.

    • Joey

      Is SD, SR and SA a new form of BDSM?

      • Guest

        SD means Sense of Self-Discipline, SR-Sense of Responsibility and SA-Sense of Appreciation which are the Governing Values of RVHS 

    • Terence Lee

      Which “reputable” news agency calls it self the “bronze standard in journalism”? You probably don’t read enough.

  • OnionFan

    Um … do people who read this site understand satire?  That it is a “fake news” website meant, in no uncertain terms, to appeal to that little red man with the horns who carries a fork and lives in each and every one of us and goes by the name of S.A.R.C.A.S.M.?  By the looks of this, neither Jon Stewart nor Stephen Colbert would never make it here.  Pity.

    • Terence Lee

      that’s why we have the noose.

  • The Anti-RVian

    I assure you, as a student with 4 years of… education in this particular institution, it is highly improbable that someone from my school(River Valley High School) has written this, for two reasons. Firstly, the level of language proficiency displayed here is far beyond the normal RVian. Secondly, RVians practice SR and SD… or simply have a lack of testicular fortitude… But it was a good attempt, I’d give you that.

    • Terence Lee

      you are perceptive :)

  • rvian

    dear apple slut, 

    stop masquerading as an rvian. best regards,true rvian 

  • Mervin

    I would like to mention to the author that if you really are a RVian, i wish you well, but from what i can see, this is not a writing of an RVian.
    As a Year 2 RVian myself, RVians are taught the 4 governing values, SA,SD,SR,SM. meaning that RVians are taught to practice Self-Appreciation,thank the school for implementing this scheme of ipad 1 to 1 to enhance learning,and to thank our parents for buying the ipad 2 for our learning, Self discipline, to be able to differentiate right from wrong, Sense of Responsibility, to be able to take care of the ipad 2 by oneself, Self motivation, to be motivated to study and make use of the opportunity of the advancing technology. Another point i would like to point out is the use of foul language in this article, i believe RVians do not write or speak foul language most of the time, nor try to defame someone. Thus i feel this is a very inappropriate article to talk about this. I would like to advise the author to remove this article to stop any more commotion over this, however, if u don’t i can’t do anything about this either. Also, we dont have to lie to our parents in order to gain something for ourselves, we can just tell the parents behind this and they will most likely be willing to agree to this, however, lying to them and only them letting find out is a worser situation to be in as your parents trust you a lot.

    I wish you well, and i hope you will heed my advice. Cheerio!:)

    • Another True Rvian

      Totally agreed!:D

  • Lmfao

    sad, but true.

  • RVian

    Definitely not an RV student

  • rvian

    Dumb ass. 16 year old RV students don’t call themselves Sec 4 yo. they call themselves Year 4. go do some research before you post garbage

  • Yi Jia Masaomi

    Hi to everyone here.

    Regarding this post, I strongly believe that the article above was not written by an RVian. Why so? Firstly, the author refers to himself/herself a “Secondary 4″ student. A RVian would refer to him/herself as “Year 4″. Secondly, this article clearly did not display maturity and responsibility. The author needs to mind his/her language. In the article above, the author even scolded that “parents are a stupid bunch.” Where is the SA? [Sense of Appreciation] I a sure that the Year 4 students by now are able to practise the governing values at least to their surrounding people. 

    Whoever who wrote this article, be it RVian or not, I wish that you will take responsibility of your words.

    a Year 2 RVian

  • Gazz

    You should read an article by Neil Postman at–five-things.html

    It thus summarizes what new technology can do to us.

  • hwachong

    LOL @ all the retards here, the article is clearly a satire, all the people coming in here and flaming at the article really need to brush up their literature and language skills. I mean, it is obvious enough that this article isnt written by a rv student, so stop rushing in and stating the obvious like a retard

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