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Posted on 17 December 2011

What would we do without Yahoo! News?

With 127,000 commuters rubbing buttocks against buttocks and dry humping one another for five hours as the North-South MRT line went tits up on Dec. 15, SMRT sent out this message asking its cabbies to cash in on this chance.

Remember this? Do you even know from where did it originate from?

The Straits Times reporter, Daryl Chin, being newsworthy and all, tried to get to the bottom of it but to no avail.

He couldn’t reach the person who took the whistle-blowing “Income opportunity” photo. Attempts to contact the photographer were unsuccessful. Indeed.

But no fear, because Yahoo! News is here.

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  • Kip26

    The video editor of was the one who took the picture. Isn’t omy by SPH and Straits Time by SPH? The picture came from their own backyard and they went around looking at other yards. Hmm…

  • Boo

    terrible logic.

    you work for a singaporean company does that mean you are in cahoots with the PAP? 

    • Anonymous

      What? Where from this entire article did you get that question from? 

      • Belmont

        He must have gotten an arrow to the knee.

        • Anonymous

          He has sworn to bear that burden. 

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