Tony Tan’s vinyl election campaign banners turned into tote bags

Posted on 22 December 2011

Charles & Keith is responsible.

By Belmont Lay

For $59.90, you could own a tote bag that is also an ex-Tony Tan vinyl election campaign banner.

Some of you should be acutely aware by now that we here at New Nation love to play favourites.

Yes, I have stated pretty openly in the past before the August Presidential Election that I will never vote for Tony Tan.

But look, even though I might not fancy Tony as president, that doesn’t stop me from supporting the latest cause that has his campaign team involved.

With a bit of ingenuity and string-pulling, Charles & Keith, the footwear maker and retailer teamed up with Tony’s campaign team to “upcycle” used vinyl presidential election campaign banners and turn them into tote bags that retail for $59.90 each.

Yes, you heard me right. Vinyl election banners you saw hung up in August are being turned into bags. And why only Tony’s team and not the rest? If you’ve got five minutes of your life to spare, you might want to drop Charles & Keith an email to ask about it.

And according to the press release which I’m referring to while banging out this piece, each tote bag comes with “slight imperfections” so each piece is “unique”.

I believe this should be euphemism for something. If you are smart and rich enough to afford a tote bag, you should be able to work it out for yourselves.

But here’s the upside: The UN Women Singapore is also in on this as part of the sale proceeds of the bag go to them.

How much exactly will be donated to UN Women?

Well, beats the heck out of me. Doesn’t say in the press release. It could be 5 cents, it could be a dollar.

Maybe you’d like to ask the lady at the counter in the shop when you do decide to buy one.

For the record, I am for women being independent, schooled, financially numerate and having a greater access and ability to accumulate fungible resources so that they never have to feel indebted to us, stinky and slimy men, for a living.

I owe this line of thinking to that one sociology module on gender I took in university as well as to the advocacy of my favourite but recently-deceased humanist author Christopher Hitchens, who always proposed raising the lot of women to raise the lot of society.

And how does a bag made from vinyl campaign banners look like? It looks like what is pictured above.

The exterior resembles a normal bag and it is supposed to be “minimalistic duo-tone”. But maybe when you open it up, some bags might have Tony’s face peaking out from inside it or his signature campaign spectacles logo on a purple background.

I haven’t got a clue. I haven’t had my hands on one.

But do I think it looks good? Should this be reported to the fashion police? I haven’t got a freaking clue either.

You might be better off asking Stevie Wonder. You have until end of December.

The last time we at NN were banging on about helping women raise their lot was the UNIFEM Buy to Save two-day event on Dec. 3 & 4. Read about it here.

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  • Zhi Ping Chong

    Tony’s Tote – turning votes into totes!

    • Belmont

      That’s a good headline!

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