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Singaporean man receives $350,000 Singtel phone bill

Posted on 21 December 2011

Bulk of bill comes from overseas data roaming. He is wondering if he will face bankruptcy if he can’t pay up.

The $350,000 phone bill.

A Singaporean man shared on Facebook his greivances and his November SingTel Bill where he is charged close to $350,000 for cost incurred while using his smartphone data roaming overseas.

The man explained: When he was travelling in Taiwan, he applied for SingTel’s Bridge DataRoam, a pricing plan that provides one flat rate when using the smartphone to surf the web while overseas.

The function of Bridge DataRoam service is to lessen the risk of customers receiving a heart attack when they open their phone bill for the month, as dataroaming charges have been known to go off the charts.

Apparently, the man paid $182 for a 17-day Bridge DataRoam usage overseas.

The man elaborated: On Nov. 5, he noticed that his iPhone and iPad switched networks even when he manually selected the network. Manual selection of network is what anyone who apply for Bridge DataRoam is required to do.

He found the network switching strange, so he called SingTel to report the matter and ask for a solution.

But here’s the problem as he claims: Not only did his phone line get cut off without receiving a solution, SingTel even billed him for that 22 minutes of incoming call charge when he was on the phone with them.

His phone then changed network again even as he repeatedly manually selected the network.

And the worse part? SingTel didn’t call him back after the line got cut off.

Desperate, the man resorted to using his Nokia phone’s Wi-Fi, but it too ended up switching networks.

The man then claims that SingTel will waive all charges incurred under “Taiwan Mobile” (presumably one of the service providers that his network kept getting switched to), although he is asked to pay the $12,000 outstanding incurred under Far EasTone.

You can read the man’s original Facebook post explaining his plight here:

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  • DiarySG

    Its a trap!!!

  • Talk Crap

    WTF…….350K bill from Singtel, KNS…..anyway who ask him to turn on the “smart” phone when roaming? I always use only 2G when ever I roam. Furthermore, since his there for so many days, he should just buy a local number. One word for him, STUPID….secondly a good lesson for him anyway.

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  • Chester0606

    One sided story out to put Singtel in bad light. The network does not change
    on its own if it is in manual mode, especially it is a Iphone. Why didn’t he did not show the last page of the bill where singtel waived
    the 350K if he is subscribing to data-roaming package? When I am overseas, Singtel will send reminders to user asking them to stay on the right network. Don’t tell me he is blind to the alerts everyday…

  • RU YI Gee

    Singtel is not a financial institution like bank and can’t sue you…so pay till you die or closed the account..the story end.

    The next time shut off the smart phone…use a starhub pre- paid card.

  • Akki

    In actually be honest most the Singaporeans are dump. and full pocket of money. that’s why they dont bother to apply for dataroaming. i am sure above guy who got this much amt. is actually the actually charges, and when ever u r on manual mode it will not change the network.

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