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Car models strip naked at Volkswagen show in China

Posted on 16 September 2011

Car booties — I mean boots — weren’t the only thing the men were gawking at.

And you thought we Asians are conservative. While the idea of pairing cars and women together seems like a decidedly Western concept, the Chinese have outdone the Americans in this department. Not content with having girls frolicking in teeny-tiny bikinis, the organizers at a Volkswagen show in Heilongjiang province decided that the models should wear their birthday suits!

I wonder what the Chinese commie government thinks about this….

What a cheesy pose.

Instead of humping in the car, they're humping the car. Brilliant. Are the car fetishists watching?

All the men pretending they're not looking. Yeah right.

I pity the man who got caught in the camera. His wife must be fuming.

What are we here for again? (I wonder if any of those cars were actually sold...)

Actually, this is not an isolated incident, if we can put it that way. Car shows in China have gotten raunchier by the minute. Just capitalism at work, my friends. Just capitalism.

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