A campaign to look for the world’s most incredible stories

Posted on 11 September 2011

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A leading global brand has just launched a teaser marketing campaign calling for the world’s most incredible tales, although they’re not telling us exactly what product they’re promoting.

Right now, all you can see is this intriguing short video by Andy Morahan, an award-winning director of music videos such as the 90s classic November Rain by Guns N’Roses.

The video depicts a man’s quest to capture the unmistakable sound of a peacock. It’s really short, and doesn’t give much away (which is the idea I suppose), but it does look exciting.

They’ve also launched a teaser website called In Search Of Incredible which shows a picture of a stylized globe, and an invitation to sign up for a newsletter which will tell you how to submit your most incredible stories.

We’re sure that in Singapore, there are plenty of tales to tell, and we’re not convinced that the island is a boring place where nothing happens. And besides, many of you probably have your own adventures in exotic, far flung lands — perhaps a titillating encounter with an attractive stranger, or a close shave with death, like this traveler who almost fell off a cliff while sitting on a vehicle in Albania.

So do drop your email with them, and wait for further announcements. Whatever they are trying to promote, we’re are certainly keen to find out what’s next.

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