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Tan Cheng Bock, the super moderate

Posted on 26 August 2011

Psst… Got 30 seconds? Here’s everything you need to know about Tan Cheng Bock’s indoor rally.

Tan Cheng Bock has a special talent.

He appeals to anyone who doesn’t care about or who isn’t motivated by higher order, sexy issues such as freedom of speech, social justice for ex-political detainees, gay rights, abolishment of the death penalty, democracy, human rights, right to assembly and the like.

If you want someone who is perceived to be prim and proper, ultra-practical, docile, do-gooder, not prone to boat-rocking, open-book, straight as a flag pole, cleaned, cut and shaved like the protagonist in a Channel 8 drama series, damn it, then Tan Cheng Bock is your only hope as president.

The indoor rally at Singapore Expo on Aug. 25 featured children, friends, colleagues and ex-patients who provided nothing but kind anecdotes of Cheng Bock the village doctor who gets paid in kind, Cheng Bock the selfless giver of his time, Cheng Bock the altruistic good Samaritan, Cheng Bock the harmonious, pro-assimilation multiculturalist, Cheng Bock the healer of all men, Cheng Bock the far-sighted prophet who sought and received free parking on Sundays, Cheng Bock the grassroots leader, Cheng Bock the unifier, Cheng Bock the synonym for independence…

At that rate, it could have been Cheng Bock who just walked out of The New Testament.

However, Christ he isn’t, as he couldn’t resist taking a pot shot at our dear Tony Tan.

Cheng Bock said Tony shouldn’t have painted an ominous picture of the future what with “dark clouds” ahead and mentioned Tony’s recent resignation from GIC, a sovereign wealth fund that manages a part of our national reserves, as a cheap shot to show that Tony is more an establishment man in comparison.

Cheng Bock also mentioned his position as chairman of Chuan Hup Holdings, his role in saving it from financial crises and turned it from a marine equipment company to an investments holding company. Sort of like a ‘mini-Temasek Holdings’, if you wish.

He is also pretty proud of the fact that ING Asia bank asked him to be a director in 2008.

So will he win?


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  • Bruce

    It’s not a good idea to stay in the middle of the road – You get run over.

    TCB is not unlike the Workers’ Party though.

  • Maryanne

    He come across as fence-sitter in many important issues. But in some insignificant ones, he’s quite vocal and actually proud of these “achievements”. Worry he will “resign” when he disagree with Govt like he did at the hospital over a naming issue. All in all, grand posturing, but I’m happy with his potshots against Tony.

  • Ng Ruenn Sheng

    I don’t worry about TCB winning or losing. I’m just glad that he ran the campaign to speak for the silent majority

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