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Sharon Au tries to give rally speech

Posted on 25 August 2011

Ex-television talking head mentions changes she observed in Singapore having been away. And then tells audience to vote for Tony Tan.

Sharon Au, a former talking head who went to Japan and France to study in 2005 after a career in TV land, marked her return to Singapore just four months ago with an inaugural presidential rally speech yesterday at Boat Quay in support of PAP’s popular choice, Tony Tan.

Au, shouting as if she was speaking, talked about the changes she observed upon her return.

She said while channelling her television persona, “The skyline has changed, the MRT system has changed, and even the people have changed.”

She also added that her time away has also taught her some valuable lessons.

Speaking English with her hands, she explained: “I learnt that no matter how rich or how educated the people are, if there is no mutual love and respect for one another, then the community cannot grow together.”

Her thoughts also drifted to free speech.

Insinuating that Singapore might be destroyed because stick and stones can break our bones and words might just be the final blow, she said: “I learnt that while it’s our right, yes, to embrace and to express freedom of speech, words can actually really hurt one another.”

Death and hell fire, notwithstanding, Au then attempted to explain: “And the community we end up with will be one that has no faith, no trust, and even no hope.”

Therefore, said the ex-celebrity, she wants a president with a “clarity of vision” as well as a “maturity and quiet confidence to make decisions for us”

To seal her endorsement, Au said platitudinously, “Dr Tan, I have confidence in the future, and I have confidence in you.”

Watch Sharon Au shouting for six minutes here.

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  • Pamela

    For a moment, I thought she was endorsing another presidential candidate. :s

  • Specs

    I endorse Dr Tony Tan. He is smart, articulate and he has a clear vision. We need a person who is clear about his role and responsibility and not being argumentative at the expense is losing vision on the on the main issue. When you sign on for a job, you must be clear about the JD, if not, you will be unhappy and the job fit is not there. The two Drs are clear but one has eye contact the other’s gaze tends to drift….

  • lovemycountry

    her speech reminds me of those days when she put up a lot of drama to tout for donations for NKF fund raising and donors got sucked into it.

    • Acer Acer

      Mediacork then puts up another such ‘rousing speech’ for the modern monk Ming Yee

  • SugarDaddyTT

    Never one to spot a bandwagon without jumping on it, the seat of CEO Mediacorp is waiting for Smart Sharon to occupy.

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  • Acer Acer

    A typical mediacork publicity again :)