Chen Show Mao barred from attending 7th Month event

Posted on 20 August 2011

The Paya Labar Citizen’s Consultative Committee warned organisers that if they are “errant” by letting the MP attend, they will be rejected for future events.

Chen Show Mao, a Worker’s Party Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC, was “disappointed” when he was told by organisers for a Seventh Month dinner that he could no longer attend the event, he said in a Facebook note.

The reason was apparently because the CCC would only approve the use of the venue if the MP was no longer invited. “Errant” organisers who disobey will be rejected for future events. “The organisers were profusely apologetic,” said Show Mao.

Comments have come in fast and furious condemning the CCC for its bias against non-PAP MPs. That is to be anticipated because Aljunied GRC changed hands right after the May General Elections this year. The PAP led by George Yeo lost by a wider-than-expected margin. Previously, WP head Low Thia Khiang have slammed the People’s Association (which runs the CCCs) for favoring the ruling party.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has promised change and reform after the Elections. But for some Singaporeans, it looks like if change were to come, it would take quite some time.

We have contacted the PA Payar Lebar Contituency office for their comments.

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  • sohkokcheong

    PA has no right too threatened anybody and to say who can or cannot attend. The taxpayers pay for their wages.They are worst then slaves and have no morals.

  • ML

    Absolute ridiculous! I’d love to see the folks who claim that the PA is “apolitical” defend this blatantly biased act.

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  • vampyrelunar

    -_-” what happened to the word ‘equality’?