I was a victim of sexual harassment

Posted on 11 July 2011

A staring incident in a public toilet that was somewhat disturbing.

By Ng Zhong Ming

Now that's creepy. Image: MOOGANIC

LIKE all horrid stories, it started out as a mundane, run-of-the-mill incident that we all don’t give second thoughts about. To be specific, a visit to the loo.

To be even more specific, I entered a public toilet in Sembawang, a housing estate in Singapore, and made for the empty row of urinals at the end of the toilet. It was, as I have said, an empty row of urinals. So I chose the one right by the side, and proceeded to empty my bladder in peace.

Here, while letting go, it is worth noting that most people with a modicum of social – common – sense would NOT choose the urinal right beside me. This man did. And he stared brazenly at me. Or rather, my privates. I glared at him. That seemed to titillate him further and he leaned in for a better look. I wanted to pee in his face.

Fighting to hold that urge, I stormed off instead. No point, I reasoned, getting into urinal tiffs with a mentally unstable person. Not glamourous. I could ensure the loss of face that ensued when someone tried to peep at my privates. It was at this point that I noticed that he had moved into the stalls, waiting for his next victim, before the super-perverted toilet peeper strikes again.

His lack of urinal social common sense certainly was disturbing.

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