The battle for Mountbatten could be the closest of all

Posted on 15 April 2011

The Single Member Constituency is gearing up for a fight between two lawyers. The best part? Both candidates are well-known for being very nice.

IN A Group Representation Constituency, it is a fact that the heavyweight candidate fronting the pack will always hog the limelight and publicity.

So if you cannot hold your own, especially in a SMC, you’re more or less done for.

Which is why the battle for Mountbatten might just be the most exciting to watch yet.

Lim Biow Chuan from the People’s Action Party is a lawyer who first stepped into the shoes of an MP after the 2006 General Election when he was fielded in the Marine Parade GRC that went uncontested.

Jeanette Chong-Aruldoss from the National Solidarity Party is facing her first fight this election in a constituency she knows like the back of her hand. And she is planning to take it on as a (even more?) well-qualified and credentialed lawyer.

Here are some interesting facts: Both candidates are 47 years old, which means they have crossed paths professionally and personally many times before this GE.

Based on their replies, both candidates advocate for more to be done for the elderly.

Lim obtained his Bachelors of Law from the National University of Singapore. Chong-Aruldoss has a Masters in Law from the London School of Economics (gasp!).

And from what New Nation has seen on the ground, both candidates have their fair share of supporters.

This fight could be the closest of all among the 12 SMCs that are being contested.

Click on the links below to view the questions New Nation posed to both candidates and their replies.

Q&A with Lim Biow Chuan | Q&A with Jeanette Chong-Aruldoss

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  • Tingtong

    PAP has already a large majority of MPs in the house. What’s one less?
    Besides, if MP Lim has already waltzed into the house on a GRC coattail once, and as an MP for a term now I have not seen or heard much of his contributions, I think is time to vote for the NSP to build towards a first class parliament! It can only be good.
    We don’t need another Yes-man. Too many of them means No — to the man on the street aka US, the citizens! Her credential is equally if not more impressive.

  • Qingqong

    Agree with ting tong. Been ard this smc long to want and see some changes with the Opposition in.