Q&A with Jeanette Chong-Aruldoss

Posted on 15 April 2011

New Nation speaks with National Solidarity Party’s candidate for Mountbatten SMC.

Q&A with Lim Biow ChuanQ&A with Jeanette Chong-AruldossMain story

What advantages do you think you have contesting in Mountbatten SMC?

I spent my childhood living in Mountbatten and I also lived in Mountbatten in the early years of my marriage. I know the area very well. I also have many friends living in Mountbatten including some former neighbours who are still there.

The demographics in this area have changed drastically over the years. Although much physical progress has been made, there are still people in this community that needs help for very basic things in everyday lives, such as getting around or paying their bills on time.

There is also much to be developed in the Mountbatten community spirit after being in the shadow of distant cousin Marine Parade for so long.

What is your view of Lim Biow Chuan as your political opponent?

Both of us are part of the law fraternity and I respect him for his work both professionally and in the field of serving his residents.

We are even because this would be his first contest for the mandate of the residents of Mountbatten SMC.
What are some issues you would raise in Parliament if you were elected?

For a start, we would scrutinize every policy and start getting the government to listen to the people. I would like to be the voice of the people to hold the government accountable and to ensure that there are ‘checks’ and ‘balances’ in Parliament.

Specifically, I would like to advocate for our senior citizens to enjoy well-deserved privileges, having contributed their most productive years to the development of our society.

What are the two most pressing issues affecting Singaporeans at the moment?

Housing is definitely an issue that Singaporeans are very concerned about because this is a long-term issue that affects very much how they are able to live their lives in terms of whether they are able to settle down to start a family, to pursue their goals and reach their true potential and have enough for their retirement after 30 years of mortgage and interest payment.

The other issue would be the cost of healthcare, particularly for the lower-income families. It is not so much the quality of the healthcare service, but rather, the affordability of these services.

What is the most difficult aspect of contesting in Mountbatten SMC?

It is an area with a wide distribution of residents from all walks of life and each of these segments has their own set of issues and concerns. When I look at the issues affecting Mountbatten residents, I realised that they are not peculiar to the constituency but symptomatic of some of larger issues faced by the nation.

To be effective, I know I need to step up to address them on a national dimension. However, this is where I think I have the advantage over Mr Lim in offering alternative views challenging the dominant power.

Why should voters vote for you?

I am a wife, a mother and a practicing lawyer. I am well qualified and credentialed. These include a Masters in Law from the London School of Economics. I have been in legal practice for over 20 years. Over the teo decades of professional work, I have dealt with many types of cases and I have seen too many real-life cases of hardship.

This is especially so, as I specialise in Family Law in my legal practice. What I offer Mountbatten residents then is my experiences as a lawyer and my understanding of their bread and butter issues as an ex-Mountbatten resident, a wife and mother of four children. I believe I have what it takes to do the job of an MP for Mountbatten.

In addition, I would like to serve the constituency by ensuring the delivery of a high standard of upkeep and maintenance of public amenities. I will also ensure that Mountbatten residents will benefit from greater access to public services which will be more responsive to their needs.

I intend to be the voice for Mountbatten and speak up on both national issues as well as municipal issues.

Q&A with Lim Biow ChuanQ&A with Jeanette Chong-AruldossMain story

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  • for fair play

    Both Jeanette and Lim BC are well qualified. But jeanette has to work very hard with lots of sincerity to reach out to the voters. But Mr Lim abuses the tax payer’s money by using PA, RC and NC to promote himself through banners, flyers, posters etc….disguised in so called grassroots activities! All this expenses are not calculated in the election budget of 3.50 per voters! It ‘s very disheartening when I had personally witnessed how publicly funded / paid PA / CC staff see themselves as servants of their Pap ‘advisor’. Even if Jeannette is elected as MP, these PA, CC, RC and NC will still retain their Pap adivisor, they are definitely not true grassroots organization set up to serve the grassroots but more of a PAP machinery. I’m also so sad to read everyday how SPH, Media Corp are so bias in their reporting during GE. Thus I had come to the conclusion that PAP cannot be as clean as their white uniform supposedly represent. How can they be clean when they subscribe to such dirty tricks openly!

  • Big Ben

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    This 2011 election is definitely a watershed. Who do you support this election?

    Cast your precious vote at this poll: http://bit.ly/sg2011election

    … Please help to spread this poll and Save the link to see the final result of this poll on 7th May before going to the ballot box.

  • fromzero

    Jeanette Chong is unknown, but the pap I got to know enough.
    She gets my vote.

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  • fpc

    why did you not join the workers party?

    • Something to consider

      Jeanette would win the next time round, as a WP member. But under NSP, hmm…